Cloud Hosting

Hosted Exchange Server


Some small businesses want the advantages of professional corporate email without the expense of owning their own mail server.  This is why Fox Data has been connecting their clients to a hosted Exchange Server for a fraction of the cost of owning their own.  The migration process is very simple and could be done off hours with no loss of email.

Syncing Your Server To Cloud

If you want the comfort of your own server and the flexibility of the cloud, they have many solutions that will allow you to sync local files to the cloud and access the same files, folders or programs securely from any location.

Customized Cloud Solutions through Anchor Cloud

When a majority of employees are off-site and need to share similar company resources, a Virtual Private Network  may not be the right choice. In these unique instances, Fox Data’s Anchor Cloud services offer great solutions which allow you to access data anywhere  for real-time results.

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