Data Security

Intrusion Protection from Viruses, Hacking & Spam


Today’s business-class routers provide an ability to subscribe to a gateway security subscription whereby the data coming from the Internet is constantly filtering out viruses, spyware and hackers.

Some of these products also filter Internet downloads, websites, spam and social media that may be undesirable inside the office – allowing you to improve the productivity of your employees while securing your network.

Comprehensive Network Audits & Virtual Private Networks

With Fox Data’s proprietary Privention service, an audit will assess your entire system’s security readiness. Network scans will look for open ports, insufficient or expired passwords, unused computer accounts and unprotected files and folders.  A quick diagnosis will allow for recommendations to remedy any issues that will not only protect your data but your privacy as well.

One of the most important features of your business-class router is VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows users from outside your office to safely and securely access local resources on the network from home, laptop or even a mobile device.

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